Workshop on Multilingualism 21 September 2020

Workshop on multilingualism is an online satellite event of the OASPA Conference 2020 bringing together publishers, translators, librarians, young researchers and interested stakeholders to exchange experiences on multilingualism and its challenges regarding to open access in academic publishing
Main themes
  1. Balance of localization and globalization: right balance of international and local relevance of research & impact of research
  2. Translation: translation and translators as “invisible contribution” or recognized in their own right, authority of automated translations
  3. Open access specific challenges around multilingualism
  4. Hegemonial challenges around languages:
  • linguistic hegemony and dominance in multilingual settings
  • minorities and native languages as a cultural trait
  • dominance of latin alphabet requirements (aggregators in scientific communication)
  • dominance of the concept of universal linguae franca such as English
Programme and Registration