How to promote?

Are you interested in supporting the Helsinki Initiative? Here are some suggestions what you can do:

  • Sign the initiative as an individual
  • Convince your organization to sign the initiative (you can use this presentation)
  • Spread the word about the initiative to your colleagues (you can use this presentation)
  • Translate the initiative to your own language
  • Take part in the #InAllLanguages -campaign in the social media. "In all languages" campaign is a wake-up call for policy-makers, leaders, universities, research institutions, research funders, libraries, and researchers to promote multilingualism in scholarly communication. Participate by posting in Twitter or Facebook a statement or video of your or your colleagues' support for multilingualism in scholarly communication, of course #InAllLanguages.
  • Write about the Initiative in your own language. Defining key terms in context is an essential task for signatories of this initiative. The founding signatories are aware of significant structural differences in scholarly communication between countries and disciplines. Thus no universal definitions are valid and dialogue in defining terms is considered an essential element in developing a stronger scholarly communication across the world. For inspiration, read the ENRESSH statement supporting the Helsinki Initiative.

Have you got ideas on how to promote multlingualism in scholarly communication? - send us your suggestions at