In this article published in Research Europe, Emanuel Kulczycki, Henriikka Mustajoki, Janne Pölönen and Vidar Røeggen argue that publishing in their own language remains vital for many researchers worldwide. The Helsinki Initiative highlights the value of multilingual research publishing: it maximises the chances of local impact and it is almost the only way to reach important audiences such as policymakers.
COST-Action ENRESSH supports the Helsinki Initiative with its statement “Balanced Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication”. ENRESSH argues that multilingualism in scholarly communication is an international concern. International and national research policy and evaluation regimes need to support a greater balance between the demands of international excellence and the local relevance of research.
In this OPERAS whitepaper, Delfim Leão, Marina Angelaki, Andrea Bertino, Suzanne Dumouchel and Frédéric Vidal discuss challenges for supporting researchers who want to continue publishing in their own language and to develop transnational scientific cooperation at the same time: translation, multilanguage discovery tool and the endowment of national languages.
In this study published in BiD: textos universitaris de biblioteconomia i documentació, Gunnar Sivertsen proposes a dynamic and empirically based concept of balanced multilingualism as a basis for governing the tensions between strategies for internationalization and excellence in research on the one hand and strategies for societal relevance and participation on the other.