Multilingualism should be part of research assessment reform

A report published 26 November 2021, resulting from the European Commission consultation with international and national stakeholders, paves the way to an international agreement towards a reform of the research assessment system. Instead of narrow focus on research, publications and metrics, the report outlines assessments rewarding a broad range of open science practices, recognising diverse outputs, activities and impacts of academic work, as well as respecting differences between fields. Overall, the report is very welcome, addressing as it does key areas of reform that have emerged over the past decade and have been raised in a range of responsible assessment declarations, policies and agendas. Multilingualism, however, is the most notable omission.

Read fulltext "Multilingualism is integral to accessibility and should be part of European research assessment reform" on the LSE Blog website.

Read report "Towards a reform of the research assessment system" on the European Commission website.